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Traffic Racer Apk indir - Trafikte Makas Atma Oyunu Modlu Versiyonu

Traffic Racer: A Fun and Addictive Arcade Racing Game

Do you love racing games? Do you want to experience the thrill of driving fast cars on busy highways? Do you want to customize your own car and buy new ones? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should definitely check out Traffic Racer, a milestone in the genre of endless arcade racing.

Traffic Racer is a game that lets you drive your car through highway traffic, earn cash, upgrade your car and buy new ones. You can choose from different modes, such as Endless, Time Trial, Free Ride, and Police Chase. You can also select from different environments, such as Suburb, Desert, Snowy, Rainy, and City Night.

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In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Traffic Racer, including how to play it, how to download it from APKDayı, how to upgrade your car and buy new ones, how to earn cash and achievements, and how to enjoy it more. So buckle up and get ready for some high-speed action!

What is Traffic Racer?

Traffic Racer is a game developed by Soner Kara, a Turkish indie game developer. It was released in 2013 for Android and iOS devices. It has been downloaded over 100 million times from Google Play Store and has received positive reviews from critics and players alike.

Traffic Racer is a game that challenges you to drive as fast as you can and as long as you can without crashing into other vehicles. You can tilt your device to steer, touch the gas pedal to accelerate, and touch the brake pedal to slow down. You can also use the nitro boost to speed up and the horn to make other cars move aside.

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The game has four different modes, each with its own objectives and difficulties. Here is a table that compares the different modes:






Drive through endless highway traffic in one direction.

Earn as much cash and score as possible by driving fast and close to other cars.

Easy to Medium

Time Trial

Drive through highway traffic in one direction with a time limit.

Earn as much cash and score as possible by driving fast and close to other cars before the time runs out.

Medium to Hard

Free Ride

Drive through highway traffic in both directions without any restrictions.

Enjoy the scenery and practice your driving skills.


Police Chase

Drive through highway traffic in both directions while being chased by the police.

Avoid getting caught by the police or crashing into other cars.

Hard to Extreme

How to Download Traffic Racer APKDayı?

If you want to download Traffic Racer for your Android device, you have two options. You can either download it from the official Google Play Store, or you can download it from APKDayı, a third-party website that offers free APK files of various apps and games.

An APK file is an Android Package file that contains all the files and data needed to install an app or game on your device. APK files are useful when you want to install an app or game that is not available in your region, or when you want to access a modified or hacked version of an app or game that offers more features or benefits than the original one.

Traffic Racer APKDayı is a modified version of Traffic Racer that offers unlimited cash, unlocked cars, and no ads. This means that you can enjoy the game without any limitations or interruptions. However, downloading Traffic Racer APKDayı also comes with some risks and precautions that you should be aware of before proceeding.

First of all, downloading Traffic Racer APKDayı from an unknown source may expose your device to malware or viruses that can harm your device or compromise your personal information. Therefore, you should always scan the APK file with a reliable antivirus software before installing it.

Secondly, downloading Traffic Racer APKDayı may violate the terms and conditions of the original game developer, Soner Kara, and may result in legal actions or penalties. Therefore, you should always respect the intellectual property rights of the original game developer and support their work by downloading the official version of Traffic Racer from the Google Play Store.

Thirdly, downloading Traffic Racer APKDayı may affect your game performance or compatibility with your device. Therefore, you should always check the compatibility of the APK file with your device model and Android version before installing it.

If you still want to download Traffic Racer APKDayı despite these risks and precautions, here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  • Go to , a trusted website that offers free APK files of various apps and games.

  • Type "Traffic Racer" in the search box and click on the result that matches the game.

  • Click on the "Download" button and wait for the APK file to be downloaded on your device.

  • Go to your device settings and enable "Unknown Sources" under "Security" or "Applications". This will allow you to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.

  • Go to your file manager and locate the downloaded APK file. Tap on it and follow the instructions to install it on your device.

  • Launch Traffic Racer APKDayı from your app drawer and enjoy!

How to Upgrade Your Car and Buy New Ones?

Traffic Racer offers a variety of cars for you to choose from, ranging from sedans, hatchbacks, sports cars, trucks, buses, and more. Each car has its own characteristics, such as speed, handling, braking, and nitro. You can upgrade your car by spending cash that you earn from playing the game. You can improve the engine, brakes, tires, and nitro of your car to make it faster and more responsive. You can also change the color, wheels, and decals of your car to make it more stylish and unique.

If you want to buy new cars, you can browse the car showroom and select the car that you like. Each car has a different price tag and a different level requirement. You need to have enough cash and enough level to buy a new car. You can also sell your old car if you want to get some cash back.

Some of the best cars in the game are:

  • The Lamborghini Aventador: A supercar that has a top speed of 350 km/h, a handling of 4.5, a braking of 4.5, and a nitro of 4.5. It costs 250,000 cash and requires level 30.

  • The Bugatti Veyron: A hypercar that has a top speed of 400 km/h, a handling of 4.0, a braking of 4.0, and a nitro of 4.0. It costs 500,000 cash and requires level 40.

  • The Tank: A military vehicle that has a top speed of 120 km/h, a handling of 2.0, a braking of 2.0, and a nitro of 2.0. It costs 100,000 cash and requires level 20. It can also destroy other cars by ramming into them.

How to Earn Cash and Achievements?

Cash is the main currency in Traffic Racer that you can use to upgrade your car and buy new ones. You can earn cash by playing the game and completing various tasks. Here are some of the ways to earn cash in the game:

  • Drive fast: The faster you drive, the more cash you earn per kilometer.

  • Drive close: The closer you drive to other cars, the more cash you earn per overtake.

  • Drive in opposite direction: The more you drive in the opposite direction of traffic, the more cash you earn per kilometer.

  • Drive in different modes: The more you play in different modes, the more cash you earn per game.

  • Complete daily missions: The game gives you three daily missions that you can complete to earn extra cash.

  • Watch ads: The game gives you the option to watch ads to earn some free cash.

Achievements are special rewards that you can unlock by completing certain challenges in the game. There are 36 achievements in total, ranging from easy to hard. S


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