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Victor Wills

p1 server v3.15g.20.07 - A Powerful and Integrated Solution for Access Control

  • tags again; I fixed this back January by using the wpautop-control plugin _Log/2019_Q1#Sat_Jan_26.2C_2019 Marcin said he couldn't fix it today by doing a restore (fucking worpdress doesn't do an actual restore; it *still* tries to prase the old content & add paragraph tags??), so he just made an image of the form and linked to the signup page on That sucks.

  • I logged into osemain's wordpress wui. Oh, no, the 'wpautop-control' plugin isn't activated anymore. I'm assuming that marcin disabled it when doing some cleanup to debug slowdown after we added the social media and seo plugins _Log/2019_Q3#Mon_Sep_10.2C_2019

  • I activated the plugin, and I restored to the most recent revision that was made by me. And it worked! _Log/2019_Q3#Mon_Sep_10.2C_2019

  • ...

  • continuing from yesterday, I need to create a new non-root user (which will have to exist on both staging & production) that I'll both [a] give NOPASSWD sudo access on the staging server only and [b] grant ssh key authorized access to only on the staging server

  • I named this user stagingsync. On staging, I added an authorized_keys file with the root-owned public key for the 4096-bit passwordless rsa ssh key that I generated on prod yesterday

[root@osestaging1 ]# adduser stagingsync[root@osestaging1 ]# ls -lah /home/stagingsynctotal 20Kdrwx------. 2 stagingsync stagingsync 4.0K Oct 24 12:12 .drwxr-xr-x. 14 root root 4.0K Oct 24 12:12 ..-rw-r--r--. 1 stagingsync stagingsync 18 Sep 6 2017 .bash_logout-rw-r--r--. 1 stagingsync stagingsync 193 Sep 6 2017 .bash_profile-rw-r--r--. 1 stagingsync stagingsync 231 Sep 6 2017 .bashrc[root@osestaging1 ]# su - stagingsync[stagingsync@osestaging1 ]$ mkdir .ssh[stagingsync@osestaging1 ]$ chmod 0700 .ssh[stagingsync@osestaging1 ]$ echo "ssh-rsa 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" > .ssh/authorized_keys[stagingsync@osestaging1 ]$ chmod 0600 .ssh/authorized_keys [stagingsync@osestaging1 ]$

p1 server v3.15g.20.07 download


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