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Victor Wills
Victor Wills

Download and Stream Rod Wave's True Story, the Best Song from PTSD

Apart from the thrilling interest of Aimard's new story, which Iherewith offer to English readers, I think it will be accepted withgreater satisfaction, as being an historical record of the last greatcontest in which the North Americans were engaged. As at the presentmoment everything is eagerly devoured that may tend to throw light onthe impending struggle between North and South, I believe that the storyof "THE FREEBOOTERS," which is rigorously true in its details, willenable my readers to form a correct opinion of the character of theSoutherners.

Though the report made by Quoniam was in every respect true, the Negrowas ignorant of certain details of which we will now inform the reader,because these events are closely connected with our story, and clearnessrenders it indispensable that they should be made known. We will,therefore, return to the Larch-tree hacienda.

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