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Football Biz: How to Start, Run, and Scale a Successful Football Club

Football Biz: How to Make Money from the Beautiful Game

Football is more than just a sport. It is also a huge industry that generates billions of dollars in revenue every year. Whether you are a fan, a player, a coach, or an entrepreneur, there are many ways you can make money from the beautiful game. In this article, we will explore what is football biz, how to start a football-related business or career, and what are some of the benefits and challenges of working in this field.

football biz


Football biz is the term used to describe any business or career that involves football. It can range from owning, managing, or investing in a football club or league, to creating, distributing, or monetizing football content and products, to teaching, training, or coaching football players and teams. Football biz is not only lucrative, but also rewarding, as it allows you to combine your passion for the game with your professional skills and goals.

To start a football-related business or career, you need to have a clear vision of what you want to achieve, what value you can offer, and who your target audience is. You also need to do your research on the market, the competition, the regulations, and the opportunities in your chosen niche. You may also need to acquire some specific skills, qualifications, or licenses depending on your field of interest. Finally, you need to have a solid business plan, a realistic budget, and a reliable team to support you.

Some of the benefits of working in football biz include:

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  • You can turn your hobby into your profession

  • You can contribute to the development and growth of the game

  • You can reach a large and loyal fan base

  • You can enjoy flexible and creative work

  • You can travel and network with people from different cultures and backgrounds

Some of the challenges of working in football biz include:

  • You may face high competition and pressure

  • You may have to deal with legal, ethical, or social issues

  • You may have to adapt to changing trends and technologies

  • You may have to balance your personal and professional life

  • You may have to cope with uncertainty and risk

Types of Football Biz

Football Clubs and Leagues

One of the most common and popular types of football biz is owning, managing, or investing in a football club or league. This involves running an organization that operates one or more teams that compete in various tournaments and competitions. As a club or league owner, manager, or investor, you are responsible for overseeing all aspects of the business, such as finances, operations, marketing, sponsorship, recruitment, development, performance, etc.

Some of the best practices and examples of successful football clubs and leagues are:

Having a clear vision and mission that aligns with - the values and goals of the stakeholders, the staff, and the fans - Having a strong and diverse revenue stream that includes ticket sales, broadcasting rights, merchandise, sponsorship, etc. - Having a competitive and attractive team that plays with a distinctive style and identity - Having a loyal and engaged fan base that supports the club or league through various channels and platforms - Having a sustainable and responsible approach that considers the social, environmental, and ethical impact of the business

Some of the examples of successful football clubs and leagues are:

Club or League



Real Madrid CF


The most successful club in European football history with 13 UEFA Champions League titles and 34 domestic league titles

Manchester United FC


The most valuable football club in the world with a brand value of $1.9 billion and a global fan base of 1.1 billion

FC Barcelona


The club with the most social media followers in the world with over 350 million across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

National Football League (NFL)


The most popular and profitable sports league in the world with an annual revenue of over $15 billion and an average attendance of over 66,000 per game

Premier League


The most watched and competitive football league in the world with a global audience of over 4.7 billion and six different champions in the last 10 seasons

Football Media and Marketing

Another type of football biz is creating, distributing, or monetizing football content and products. This involves producing, publishing, or selling various forms of media and merchandise that are related to football, such as news, analysis, commentary, podcasts, videos, games, apps, books, magazines, jerseys, accessories, etc. As a football media and marketing professional, you are responsible for creating and delivering high-quality and engaging content and products that appeal to your target audience and generate revenue.

Some of the latest trends and innovations in football media and marketing are:

  • Using artificial intelligence and data analytics to create personalized and interactive content and products that cater to the preferences and behaviors of the users - Using social media and influencer marketing to reach and connect with a wider and younger audience and to increase brand awareness and loyalty - Using esports and gaming to create immersive and interactive experiences that simulate the real-life football scenarios and challenges - Using virtual reality and augmented reality to enhance the visual and audio aspects of the content and products and to create a more realistic and immersive experience - Using blockchain and cryptocurrency to create new ways of monetizing and rewarding the content and products and to increase transparency and security

Some of the examples of successful football media and marketing are:

Media or Product





The most popular and best-selling football video game series in the world with over 325 million copies sold across various platforms



The most visited football website in the world with over 100 million monthly visitors across 19 languages

The Athletic


The fastest-growing sports media app in the world with over 1.2 million subscribers who pay for exclusive and in-depth football content



The most valuable football brand in the world with a brand value of $1.6 billion and a sponsorship deal with over 20 top clubs and players



The first global fantasy football game powered by blockchain and cryptocurrency that allows users to collect, trade, and play with digital cards of real players

Football Education and Coaching

The last type of football biz we will discuss is football education and coaching. This involves teaching, training, or coaching football players and teams at various levels and stages of development. As a football educator or coach, you are responsible for imparting knowledge, skills, and values that will help the players and teams improve their performance and achieve their potential.

Some of the skills and qualifications required for football education and coaching are:

  • A passion for the game and a desire to help others learn and grow - A good understanding of the rules, tactics, techniques, and strategies of the game - A good communication, leadership, and interpersonal skills - A good organizational, planning, and problem-solving skills - A relevant degree, certificate, or license in football education or coaching from a recognized institution or organization

Some of the examples of successful football educators and coaches are:

Educator or Coach



Jürgen Klopp</t


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